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"窯変蒼 ぐい呑, Yohen Aoguinomi" C - Sake Cup, Bizen ware

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  • Artist: Takashi Baba
  • Size: W6.0-6.2cm x H6.5-6.7cm x D6.0cm
  • Material: Ceramic

Bringing New Form and Color to Ancient Traditions.

From early childhood, Takashi Baba, longed to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a Bizen ceramic artist. Baba studied sculpture at Tokyo University of Arts, seeking to create works for the enjoyment of their form, rather than strictly functional products. He now pursues expressions full of originality that only he can create. 

Bizen ware, one of Japan's six ancient kiln forms Rokkyo, has been made for generations around the Inbe area of Bizen City, in Okayama Prefecture. The best and featured part of Bizen ware is Yakishime, which is baked at a high temperature of 1200 degrees without using any glaze. 

Bizen ware’s unique features develop according to the characteristics of the soil, the way the kiln is used, the temperature of the kiln changes, and the nature of the ash and charcoal produced when it is baked, so it never produces the same color or pattern. The deep brown color of Bizen ware is a characteristic color produced by iron contained in the local clay. 

Recently, however, Baba has been using his unique sensitivity and techniques to create a blue color instead of the usual brown earth color. Blue is a very revolutionary color in Bizen ware and Baba’s efforts are drawing the attention of a new generation. 

Bizen ware is hard because it is baked at high temperature for several weeks. Many of the works have been used as mortar and pestle (suribachi) or pot (tsubo). However, it is also suitable for vases because of its fine pores and excellent air permeability. It is also suitable for beer glasses and sake cups due to the fine uneven foam it produces. 

Baba Pursues "An Object That Can Be Used".

While Baba’s work is steeped in Bizen’s long history and traditions, his research is focused on is to see how he can adapt traditional tools and methods to create his own color variations by mixing the soil and skillful baking the in the climbing kiln. 

1983    Born as the eldest son of Bizen ware artist Shosuke Baba


  • 2006  Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts


  • 2019  
    Solo exhibition at Nagasaki Hamaya Art Gallery
    Exhibited at Yamaguchi Izutsuya "Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition"
    Solo exhibition at Okayama Tenmaya Art Gallery
  • 2018
    Solo exhibition at Oita Tokiwa Art Gallery
    Two-person exhibition at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store Art Square
    Two-person exhibition at Shimonoseki Daimaru
    Invited exhibition and lecture at “Soil fire” in Beijing, China
    Participated in the “Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition” by Matsuyama Iyotetsu Takashimaya
    Dispatched to Hoi An, Vietnam as part of an international exchange program
    Two-person exhibition at Yonago Tenmaya
    Exhibited at Shimonoseki Daimaru "Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition"
    Solo exhibition at Kyoto Takashimaya Art Crafts Salon
    Exhibited at Himeji Sanyo Department Store "National National Treasure Contemporary Popular Artists Exhibition"
    Lecture at Beijing Qinghua University
  • 2017  Solo exhibition at Hankyu Umeda Main Store Art Gallery
    Solo exhibition at Miyazaki Yamagataya Art Gallery
    Solo exhibition at Kagoshima Yamagataya Art Gallery
    Tenmaya Hatchobori store, Alpark, Fukuyama store, "Hagi and Bizen" traveling exhibition
    Group exhibition at Gallery life seeding in Taiwan
    Solo exhibition at Kagoshima Yamagataya Art Gallery
  • 2016  Solo exhibition at Isetan, Shinjuku
    Beijing, China Invited exhibition and lecture at “Takumi Shinsho”.
    Solo exhibition at Itotsu Matsuyama Takashimaya Art Gallery
  • 2015  Solo exhibition at Fukuyama Tenmaya Art Gallery
    UK London Yamato-Japan Foundation Japan House Gallery “The Power of Bizen”
    UK Devon Kig berare studios & Gallery Workshop and Exhibition
  • 2014  Solo exhibition at Okayama Tenmaya Art Gallery
  • 2013  Kurashiki Tenmaya Exhibition at Art Gallery (Two times thereafter)
    Solo exhibition at the 9th floor art stage of Hankyu Umeda Main Store (and once)
    Private exhibition at Hatchobori Tenmaya Art Gallery
    Private exhibition at the National Designated Important Cultural Property Ohashi House
  • 2012  Monument production in front of JR Bizen Katakami Station
    Solo exhibition at Roppongi Hills Ku Ambience
    Solo exhibition at Yonago Tenmaya Art Gallery (3 times thereafter)