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Yobitsugiwan "Reimei" - Macha Bowl, Tea Utensil, Glass Objet

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  • Artist: Yukito Nishinaka
  • Size: Φ11.5xH8.0cm
  • Material: Glass

Pursue the original glass expression created from the traditional Japanese sense of beauty, with the theme of “Glitter of Life and Reborn”. 

Yukito Nishinaka’s representative works are “Glass Yobitsugi” and “Glass Karesansui.” The philosophy of Glass Yobitsugi is “Shatter to Reborn and Create the Future". He accepts the cracks of the vessel as beauty—then emphasizes and restores them—whereas such defects would be typically considered undesirable in the world. To go beyond the present to reborn, he breaks his own works and rejoins them into new single form. "Glass Karesansui" is the art space, which is a modern version of Karesansui Garden, made of glass objects created from recycled bottle, moss and gravel. The 40-meters long glass installation located at the approach to Kyoto Honen-in Temple represents metempsychosis and peace of mind, as well as the importance of a sustainable society through resource recycling.

1964    Born in Wakayama, Japan

Education and Work Experience:

  • 1998-2001 Teaching Assistant at the 11th-14th Art Festival at Niijima Glass Art Center, Tokyo
  • 1998  Founded Nishinaka Yukito GLASS STUDIO
  • 1995-1997  Worked as an assistant at Toyama Institute of Glass Art
  • 1991-1994  Learned Sculpture and Glass at California College of the Arts
  • 1989-90  Worked at Kagami Crystal CO.LTD. , Tokyo
  • 1988  Graduated from Hoshi University of Pharmacy , Tokyo
  • 1986  Northwest University , China


  • 2020  COLLECT, Somerset House, London
        ONE ART TAIPEI, Taiwan
  • 2019  Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary (Florida, the US)
  • 2019  FINE ART ASIA (Hong Kong) 
  • 2019  LIVING KOGEI at Art Museum, Hong Kong University (Hong Kong)
  • 2018  ART NEW YORK(New York, the US)
  • 2018  FINE ART ASIA(Hong Kong)
  • 2018  Japonismes Objets inspirés, 1867-2018 , Musee des Arts Decoratifs (Paris, France)
  • 2017  LA ART SHOW (Los Angeles, the US)
  • 2017  Triennale of KOGEI in Kanazawa (Kanazawa)  
  • 2016  MASTERPIECE LONDON(London, the UK)
  •  2018  MASTERPIECE LONDON(London, the UK)
  • 2019  MASTERPIECE LONDON(London, the UK)
  • 2015  PAD LONDON(London, the UK)
  •  2016  PAD LONDON(London, the UK)
  • 2012-2019  COLLECT  Saatchi Gallery (London, the UK)
  • 2012  MAISON & OBJET(Paris, France)
  • 2011  SOFA(Chicago, the US
  • 2016  SOFA(Chicago, the US)
  • LAPADA Art & Antiques Fair(London, the UK)
  • 2010  Everything Japan Shop,  Grand Hyatt Hotel (Mumbai, India)  
  • 2010  SOFA ( International Expositions of Sculpture Objects & Functional Art ) (New York, the US)
  • 2009  Passione Giappone, Galleria Gracis (Milano, Italy)
  • 2008  Fine Art Open House (Maastricht, Netherland)
  • 2008  Olympia International Art & Antiques Fair (London, the UK)
  • 2007-2013  Asian Art in London (London, the UK)
  • 2000  Japanese Contemporary Glass Art Exhibition (Yamaguchi)
  • 2001-2019 “Nishinaka Yukito Glass Exhibition” at Matsuya, Meitetsu Department Store, Fukuya, Takashimaya, GinzaWako (Tokyo), LIXIL Gallery (Tokyo)
  • 1997  ”PEACE by PIECE” at Art gallery, Wacoal Ginza
  • 1995  “GLASS as FINE ART” at MORRIS Gallery (Tokyo)