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"Mini Rune" - Gamaguchi Bag

SKU bag-03
  • Artist: Rie Tsujimoto
  • Size: W31cmxH16.5cmxD5cm
  • Material: Fabric, Metal, Bamboo

Fateful Encounter in Paris

Surrounded by various historical cultures, Rie Tsujimoto developed her unique sensibilities in Kyoto. Developing an interest in handcrafting, she began making “Gamaguchi bags” with her own original design, which she had dream of wearing as adult lady since childhood. Gamaguchi tends to be thought of as an ancient Japanese craft, but it is said that it was originally worn by European ladies to accompany a ball.

Tsujimoto’s interest in beauty and fashion never ceased, and once she had a fateful and overwhelming encounter at a Paris fabric store she visited by chance. The wide variety of fabrics, colors and textures was exciting and stunning. Since then, she has frequently visited Paris looking for fabrics and tassels. And she continues to create original masterpieces by fusing materials and techniques unique to Kyoto with l'esprit de Paris, establishing the unique worldview of her bags and her brand. Sparking beauty that only the natural things can convey

The bamboo roots used in the handles and are hand-processed one by one with the cooperation of bamboo forest farmers in Arashiyama, Oharano and Nishiyama areas of Kyoto. No two bamboo roots that are the same in the world. Yet Tsujimoto’s bags are adorned with more than just bamboo crafts, they also incorporate traditional Japanese techniques like URUSHI lacquer and more, to further enhance the originality of her designs.

Her choice of beautiful linings will also make you feel happy every time you open one of her bags. The carefully chosen textiles and finely sewn details will last for years, and even the parts that can't be seen further enhance the perception of quality and traditional Japanese craftsmanship that catches the eyes of women around the world.

The Fragrance Rises When the Bamboo Is Browned.

The fragrance of toasted bamboo extends the pleasure of owning a Tsujimoto’s bag to all five senses. The sound of the clasp closing after all the processes have been fished, is one of the most rewarding moments in the process of making a Gamaguchi. Tsujimoto not only cherishes this moment, but also experiences great joy in creating them. She hopes to share these feelings of happiness with her customers.

Today, Tsujimoto continues to work in Kyoto with the aim of conveying that feeling to customers, and of “creating handmade things, so the heart goes with them." Just like that fateful encounter at a Paris fabric store, we believe that the customers who get to hold one of Tsujimoto’s bags will have a captivating experience. The customer will never forget the excitement of that moment. Every time she carries this bag, she will be filled with beauty and confidence as a woman.

Participated in many major exhibitions in overseas and in Japan.
Work in Kyoto as a bag artist.