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Bamboo Bag-Black L, Net

SKU bag-06
  • Produced by : Sansai Co., Ltd.
  • Size: W36cmxH30cm x D13cm
  • Material: Bamboo, Fabric, Leather

A Kimono Maker's Spirit Passed Down Through Three Generations.
The Saito family have made kimonos in Kyoto for three generations. First Saisaburo Saito, then Sansai Saito, and now Jotaro Saito, each of whom have attracted public attention with their originality in dyeing and design. Always ahead of the times, the Sansai’s creativity has brought about a color revolution and new wave in the world of tradition.
Today, Sansai creations extend from clothing to accessories to interior design and artwork, creating a luxurious lifestyle scene, which brings a shiny new style.
Sansai’s bamboo bag with its high quality and mature sensibility offers a truly luxurious experience.