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"花蕾, Flower Bud" A - Sake Cup

SKU sakecup-01
  • Artist: Sayo Kuroki 
  • Size: φ6.8cm x H4.3cm    
  • Material: Urushi Laquering and Tin Powder
Capturing the Life Memories of A Plant

Sayo Kuroki expresses her unique view of the world through URUSHI lacquering art. The lacquer surface is sprinkled with metal powder and, before it dries, a pattern is drawn with a needle using the “needle-drawing technique.”

Kuroki receives inspiration from nature and the plants she sees around her every day. She seeks to reflect the memories that plants develop during their short, fleeting lives, such as the scenery and surroundings they experience. Each pattern she creates represents a subtle and beautiful scene surrounding her beloved plants. Though a plant’s life is short, it strives to bloom beautifully. In creating her work, Kuroki might project herself onto plants and even talk with them.
Kuroki says the materials used in URUSHI lacquering represent strength and tenderness. These materials not only produce beautiful colors, but also can be used in unique ways that may often mimic other materials depending on the artist's technique.

URUSHI lacquering has many unknown elements and is a material which has come to hold a special place in Kuroki’s heart. She believes every material has more than one way to express itself, and each offers countless ways to transform into a variety of expressions.

Those who have seen her work often wonder if it is really made from URUSHI lacquer and are deeply impressed with her creative expression.

1989    Born in Kameoka, Kyoto 


  • 2016   Graduated from Utatsuyama Kobo in Kanazawa, Urushi Lacquering
  • 2014   Creating activities in Kanazawa Utatsuyama Kogei Kobo
  • 2013   Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts, Urushi Lacquering
  • 2008  Graduated from Kyoto City Dohda senior High School of Arts