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"家路夕月, Moon on the Way Home" - Glass Objet

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  • Artist: Yosuke Miyao
  • Size: W10.5-13.5cm x H16.0cm x D4.5cm
  • Material: Glass

Lasting Memories through the Transient Experience of Glass.

Miyao’s artwork is a gradation of scenery which changes with every moment depending on the angle of the light passing through it. His art is the atmosphere you experience at the very moment of your encounter. Miyao selects photos based on nostalgia and travel, and leverages the undulating look created by subtle variations in the thickness of the glass to express a feeling of memory and the presence of emotional scenes.

Miyao feels the wisdom of human beings there, giving a soft, gentle impression to the objects without impairing the permeability of inorganic glass or reducing its unique coolness.Those who see Miyao’s work may experience childhood memories of their hometown and the scenery of their youth. His artworks are perfect for a high-rise office window or a quiet study. The world seen through glass will remind those living the hustle and bustle of city life what is truly important, providing comfort and calm. One will surely not be able to part with work that offers such a journey through time.

Miyao believes the necessity of 'shape' and the necessity of 'thing' arise in the work. There are various ways of expressing glass materials, yet for Miyao, the essence of glass resides in its transparency and smoothness. He does not run away from its sense of beauty. And he seeks to not leave a trace.

1972    Born in Tokyo, Japan

Education and Work Experience:

  • 2010  Established Miyatomi Glass Studio
  • 2007-2012  Worked as a part-time teacher at Tama Art University
  • 2001-2006  Worked at Shirakami glass studio as a chief artist
  • 1999-2001  Worked as an assistant of Department of Glass Works at Tama Art University
  • 1999  Finished the master's course of art and design at Tama Art University
  • 1997  Graduated from Tama Art University


  • Gallery kingyo (Tokyo)
  • Space TAA (Tokyo)
  • Table ware festival 2005 (Tokyo)
  • Tohoku Glass Collection (Hachinohe)
  • Meguro Museum of Art, Citizens Gallery (Tokyo)
  • Fujiyoshida Art Festival (Fujiyoshida)
  • Tama Art University (Tokyo)
  • SOLID SPACE AO (Yugawara)
  • Tsuruoka NHK Hall (Yamagata)
  • Shibuya Tokyu HONTEN store, Craft Gallery (Tokyo)
  • Isetan Shinjuku store, bel ecrin (Tokyo)
  • Glass Gallery Karanis (Tokyo)
  • Odakyu Department Store (Tokyo)
  • chairo2 (Kanagawa)
  • Kaigado Gallery (Tokyo)
  • AC Gallery (Tokyo)
  • Gallery YUNOR (Tokyo)
  • Ken Saunders Gallery (Chicago, the US)